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News from the 1990s

Aside for the 1990’s being remembered as the time when technology truly began to be a part of every day life, it was a memorable time for great music and sports!

Robert Kraft bought the New England Patriots team in 1991.  With the leadership of Coach Bill Parcells “The Big Tuna” and Quarterback Drew Bledsoe, the New England Patriots won the AFC Championship and moved on the Superbowl XXXI where they lost to the Green Bay Packers at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans.

The Patriots cheerleaders were renewed under the direction of Lisa Coles in 1991. Lisa trademarked the name “Patriettes” and redesigned a modest look for her squad.  Robert Kraft wanted a uniform to resemble the Dallas Cowboy’s Cheerleaders but she declined.  After a 3 season directorship, Lisa resigned and was replaced by the current director Tracy Sormanti in 1994.